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Have you had situations where you could not properly express yourself in English? Did you ever got rejected in an interview because you could not communicate well in English? Or are you a student who struggles with your learning because you are not able to follow the teacher who teaches in English? Do you struggle to understand native English speakers or wish you could enjoy sports more if you could follow the English commentaries?  Or your online experience could have greatly improved, and you could impress your family and friends by communicating effectively in English? Maybe you are one of those ones who can read and write English fairly well but still don't have the confidence to speak fluently?

If that sounds like you, then don't worry! You are only one of the billions of people who want to learn English because it is a foreign language.  However, there is good news! We will make you fluent in English-reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We will help you to let go of your English fears.  Yes! We are English teaching experts-We are Jintas! 

Jintas is your one and only online personal English language trainer who will coach you to be expert English speakers at your own convenience and time of your choosing.  We offer skill-based language training through our customized LSRW skill development modules. We cater to all age groups. 

Jintas just don't train you to speak English- we teach you valuable life skills like interview preparation, CV writing, and personality development which they don't teach you in Schools and Colleges. Our pool of skilled and certified trainers will interact with you daily and one on one to make you a fluent English speaker. What makes us unique from other training institutes is the one-on-one sessions we provide. Every learner is matched up with a personal trainer with whom the language mastering begins. Customized training modules and personalized training sessions bring you to the world of learning English in a different way. You can also choose the time slot of your convenience. Attend the course from anywhere around the world and master the language in just 30 days.

Kick-start your English language learning journey with Jintas & see how easy it is to speak, read, write and understand English with confidence.

How It Works

Are you someone who likes to Speak English fluently? Learning to speak English is fun. Book a free demo session with our expert trainers & see how fun is learning English!

Attend the free online demo session to know how easy it is to speak English. We have a customized plan for every learner to gear up your English speaking skills. Let’s make it work for you!

You can choose the time slot of your convenience. You may be a naive speaker or an ok one. That doesn’t matter. Interact with your trainer daily from anywhere around the globe & see the change!

Unlock your potential to master the English language in just 30 days. Happiness starts when you can express your heart out! Learn English the fun way. Master LSRW skills & start speaking with confidence.

how it works

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